Hello, It’s Me!

New is AI-Total’s portfolio is 515HO00306 IT’S ME.

He scores +2748 GTPI & +916 NM$ with no holes! IT’S ME provides an incredible production: +1973 lbs Milk with +0.03% Protein, which results in +147 CFP. Also his health traits are amazing: 2.69 SCS, +8.4 PL and 6.1% SCE. This young sire is a DG Charley out WFC Bombero HL Hail (s. Bomero) and then EDG Christa HL 2064 (s. Headliner). IT’S ME has also one of the most demanded aAa-codes: 165. For more information about this bull, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mr Charley It’s Me