Sister to Douwe-Red best production cow Holland of 2017

In the statistics of 2017 one cow stands out! It is Molenkamp Anky 4 from the Haytema – De Groot family from Koudum.

Anky 4 delivers the total package: a amazing production and outstanding classification score of 90 points excellent. This year she realised a production of 15.863 kg milk with 4,42 % Protein and 3,50 % Fat in 324 days. With this production she is the best producing cow of Holland competing against the Black and Whites!

Anky 4 is a sister to AI-Total’s sire DOUWE-RED. DOUWE-RED is sired by Destined RC and out of Molenkamp Anky 2 by Spencer. He has an outcross pedigree with good health traits: he scores +2.60 for Somatic Cell Score with a Productive Life score of +4.2. What makes DOUWE-RED extra special is his beta casein A2/A2.

A particular video is made about Molenkamp Anky 4 on a Frisian Skûtsje. For the video press here!


Molenkamp Anky 4 EX-90


Molenkamp Douwe-Red