MITCH: Specialist in components & robot use

515HO00319 MITCH breeds high components: +0,17% Fat (+100 lbs) and +0,08% Protein (+66 lbs). This results in a Combined Fat & Protein of +166 lbs (CFP)! PTAM Milk is +1396 lbs with the beloved Beta Casein A2/A2. Net Merit is a huge +860 (NM$).

Teat Length is a long +0,28, Front and Rear Teat Placement is wide (respectively -0,39 & -0,70) and Udder Depth is a shallow +0,72. This combined with a positive milkspeed (Dutch base 102) makes MITCH very suitable for the use in milking robots.

It comes as no surprise MITCH scores well in several international indexes. He scores in Canada a gLPI of +3308, in the United Kingdom a high gPLI of +700 and in Poland gPFI +151. For example in Estonia, MITCH is the highest scoring AI Total bull with a SKAV  of +142.

AI Total will make MITCH (Kerrigan x Balisto x Sudan) available in sexed semen soon. Please contact us for more information.