DG EAGLE: elite AiDol sire

515HO00338 DG EAGLE is one of AI Total’s elite high-ranking sires who is available through the AiDol program. Semen of AiDol bulls can be obtained under special conditions. The AiDol program gives distributors and breeders the availability of the most exclusive group of bulls in the breed.

DG EAGLE scores a Total Performance Index of a huge +2774 (GTPI) with a Net Merit over 900 (NM$ +907). These are scores of an elite bull! EAGLE is a production specialist with +2158 lbs Milk (PTAM), which contains the A2A2 type of beta casein. Components are positive with +0,03% Fat (+88 lbs) & +0,01% Protein (+70 lbs). This makes a Combined Fat & Protein of +158 lbs (CFP)!

Somatic Cell Score is a healthy 2,84 (SCS), Productive life is a long +5,7 (PL), Fertility Index is a positive +2,1 and Daughter Pregnancy Rate a good +1,9 (DPR). Overall we see good scores for health & fertility traits. Feed Efficiency is over 200 (FE +214), which is very well when increasing production.

EAGLE breeds beautiful udders (UDC +2,18) with a high Rear Udder Height (+3,77) and wide Rear Udder Width (+3,47). Nowadays many dairy farmers wish to breed medium sized cows. With a score for Stature of +0,75, EAGLE meets this demand. Rumps are sloped (+0,51)  and Teat Length is positive (+0,69). EAGLE scores high in several international indexes, for example the Dutch NVI +354, the German RZG +159 and the Polish PFI +150.

EAGLE is an Imax son, out of a Montross and then a Supersire. Further in the pedigree we find the famous Savage Leigh Louise EX-94. EAGLE is also sexed available.

If you wish to use DG EAGLE in your breeding program, or for more information about the AiDol program, please contact us here.



      DG Eagle