DELICIOUS: size does matter!

In recent years breeders started to think different about Stature, more about this in the next news item. 515HO00337 DELICIOUS has negative scores for Stature ( -1.17), Strength ( -1.41) and Body Depth ( -1.69). This means DELICIOUS is expected to breed smaller daughters. This can be part of a solution for farmers facing problems with housing, fertility or longevity. Size does matter!

No worries about Production or Health & Fertility when using DELICIOUS. PTAM Milk is a good +1481 lbs with positive components: +0.06 Fat (PTAF) and +0.02% Protein (PTAP). The Combined Fat & Protein is +121 lbs (CFP). Net Merit is a high +862 (NM$) and Grazing Merit +853 (GM$).

Productive Life is very long with +7.3 (PL), Fertility Index +3.6 (FI) and Daughter Pregnancy Rate is also positive with +3.5 (DPR). Calving Ease is a very low 5.0 (SCE), so DELICIOUS is a good choice for maiden heifers.

His score for Udder is +1.39 (UDC) and Feet & Legs are strong with +1.53 (FLC). Teat Length is positive with +0.36. DELICIOUS is a Modesty son from a Supershot and then Maurice.

DELICIOUS is beloved in grazing markets, but also offers genetic solutions for other challenges. Less is sometimes more!

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   NH Delicious                                                              MGGGD: DE-SU OMAN 7012 EX-92 DOM