Farmers Seminar Kenya

Last week we were invited by AI Total Kenya to give a presentation about “Successes by using the best genetics”. Over 40 breeding farmers were present on this perfect organized seminar which took place on the farm Hemleng in Kiambu, Kenya. It was fantastic to see the common passion for breeding and making the difference in genetics and management.

Together we discussed about the progression in breeding by working with genomics, the determination of your breeding goals and the challenge in:

  • Milk production
  • Components
  • Type traits
  • Health / Fitness traits
  • Mating program

The mating program is a great tool to reach individual breeding goals. According the breeding goal, using herd data to choose the right sires so the weaknesses of the herd are reduced considerable. The next generation is created and is ultimately more profitable.

The organisation was in the hands of our hosts Mr. Harun Baiya and Elizabeth Munene. After the seminar we got the opportunity to see the great looking offspring from AI Total bulls! It was fantastic to see the theory at the seminar resulting in beautiful performing cows in practice.

This program has shown to be a perfect tool to create a strong foundation with our partners and customers to reach the best genetic goals. Information was shared and local challenges discussed. It was a pleasure to be part of this event.

Thank you all on behalf of AI Total Team