Sexed semen speeds up genetic progress!

In 1935 the first calf was born out of AI (artificial insemination) in The Netherlands. Main advantage was, farmers did not have to keep and feed bulls themself or get visited by the “bull runner”. Also the risk on infectious animal diseases got lower. In the 1970’s the system of using proven sires was introduced and this caused a higher genetic progress.

As from 2009 genomics started to play a significant role in the dairy industry and speeded up genetic progress. Accuracy of selection and indexes was increased and so the generation interval decreased. In the Holstein breed we see a reliability of 65 – 70% now and this will further increase in the future.

Another new technology is sexing. Sexed semen is semen sorted out by the X (female) or Y (male) chromosone. Sex is the most important genetic trait. Farmers can create extra income by using sexed semen on the top-30% of their herd. By using conventional semen a larger part of the herd needs to be selected for breeding the next generation. This will also result in more unwanted males. The remaining 70% can be inseminated with beef semen. The crossbred calves usually give a higher price and by having offspring of the best 30%, the genetic improvement of the herd accelerates. The combination of genomics and sexed semen results in an even faster genetic progress. To be more specific, also the genomics of the female side should be known.

We also need to mention that nowadays the conception rate of sexed semen is nearly the same as conventional. By using new technologies, farmers can increase genetic progress in their herd and by doing so improve their income.

AI Total offers sexed semen among others of the following sires:

515HO00318 Mitchell; GTPI +2810, PTAT +3.15, UDC +2.90, see the previous news item

515HO00317 Charm; NM$ +835, SCE 6.3, A2A2-BB

515HO00308 Sergio; PL +7.3, DPR +3.1, FLC +1.48

515HO00299 Rival; PTAF +0.11% & PTAP +0.06%, PTAT +2.73, SCE 6.0

515HO00306 It’s Me; GTPI +2717, PTAM +1884lbs, NM$ +878, PL +6.8

515HO00309 Kahl; PTAM +1867lbs, PL +6.1, FLC +1.85, A2A2


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    Alexerin Charm                                              Seagull Bay R Sergio