GORMAN: the components specialist!

515HO00332 GORMAN increases components in your herd with a combined Fat + Protein (CFP) of an impressive +138lbs! The CFP consists of +91lbs Fat (+0,19%) and +47lbs Protein (+0,06%). Score for Milk production is a good +1004lbs, so GORMAN is the perfect choice for farmers that get paid for Fat and/ or Protein. No surprise, Net Merit is a high +879 (NM$).

Health and fertility traits are also remarkable well. Productive Life is a very long +7,0 (PL), Fertility Index +3,1 (FI), Pregnancy Rate +2,9 (DPR) and note the low Calving Ease of 6,1 (SCE). GORMAN can be used on maiden heivers because of this score.

With a Stature of +0,94 GORMAN breeds medium sized cows, which is desired by many farmers nowadays. The medium Stature is one of the reasons GORMAN his Feed Efficiency is a high +188 (FE). This means an increase in production results in a good net profit.

GORMAN (Blowtorch x Delta x Supersire) his Teat Placement makes him suitable for robot use (Front +0,71 & Rear +0,56). Rear Udder Height is a high +2,61 and Rear Udder Width +2,40. Rump Angle is a sloped +0,51.

Components, health, fertility and robot suitability; what else can you wish for modern commercial use? GORMAN is a wise choice!

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