New red factor bulls DOBLE & DALVATOR

Red factor or red carrier bulls have the recessive gene for red coat color. AI Total is proud to present two new young red carrier bulls: DOBLE RC & DALVATOR RC. The two full brothers are Salvatore sons out of a Rubicon out of an Aikman. Further in the pedigree we find Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence EX-95. Both new bulls are very well balanced in production & health traits and aswell in type.

515HO00342 DOBLE RC scores a Net Merit of +889 (NM$) and a GTPI of +2765. Components are positive with +0,07% Fat (+83 lbs) & +0,03% Protein (+58 lbs). Calving Ease is a very low 6,1% (SCE), Productive Life is a long +6,7 and Somatic Cell Score a healthy 2,67. DOBLE his score for Type is +2,14 (PTAT) and Udder score is +2,20 (UDC). Overall German index RZG of DOBLE is a great +156.

515HO00343 DALVATOR RC breeds lots of Milk (+1959 lbs). Like his brother, Productive Life is over +6. Daughter Pregnancy Rate is good with +2,9 (DPR) and SCE is a low 6,2%. In Type DALVATORE scores even better than his brother: PTAT +2,24, beautiful udders with UDC +2,46 and very strong Feet & Legs FLC +2,08.

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  MGGD: Holbra Manoa                                   Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence EX-95