New December proofs now online on our site!

After a succesful December proof, AI Total is proud to present a line-up of sires that can bring a genetic solution to the modern-day problems dairy farmers are experiencing.

A new production specialist in the AI Total line-up is 515HO00338 EAGLE. With a GTPI of +2774, a huge Net Merit of +907 (NM$) and a PTA Milk of +2158 lbs, EAGLE breeds definitely high production. Important for many farmers are the positive components: +0,03% Fat (88 lbs) & +0,01% Protein (+70 lbs).

Another new interesting sire is DG Charley son 515HO00344 JOHNSON. His PTA Milk is a high +2229 lbs with positive components: 0,05% Fat (+99 lbs) & 0,03% Protein  (+77 lbs). Amazing is the Feed Efficiency of JOHNSON: +245 (FE). JOHNSON breeds medium sized cows.

515HO00337 DELICIOUS is the new grazing specialist at AI Total. His Daughter Pregnancy Rate is +3,5 (DPR) and Calving Ease is very low with 5,0% (SCE). DELICIOUS breeds smaller cows and brings positive components: +0,06% Fat (+ 71 lbs) & +0,02% Protein (+ 50 lbs). Productive life is very long with +7,3 (PL).

Top in the AI Total line-up remains 515HO00318 MITCHELL. GTPI is increased to +2810 and Type is raised to +3,15 (PTAT)! The score for Udder is a beautiful +2,90 (UDC), Fertility Index is +3,3 (FI) and DPR +3,0. MITCHELL is a fantastic complete bull and has no Modesty, Montross or Supersire in his pedigree.

AI Total offers genetic solutions for challenges dairy farmers face. Now and for the future generations! Look here for the new results: BULLS



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