ELVIS, The King in Total Lifetime Production!

Everybody remembers Elvis Presley, The King of Rock & Roll in the Fifties and Sixties of the last Century. Today we have a new King: 515HO00324 ELVIS. It is not a strange idea to compare DG ELVIS with Elvis Presley. DG ELVIS is one of a kind that breeds such a high production together with positive figures for fertility and longevity.

Montana son ELVIS is born out of DG Albero Enrica (Montross x Supersire), projected in her first lactation on 11.283 kg Milk with  806 kg F+P. Also further in his pedigree we see production levels with lots of milk and high amounts of combined Fat & Protein. For example Savage-Leigh Louise-ET EX-94-USA. She calved at 6.03 and produced in 365 days 22.045 kg Milk with 1.575 kg F+P. Also cousins of ELVIS as Eldorado (PTAM +2116) and Eclipse (PTAM +2570) breed cows with a high production.

It is not just the milk potential that gives ELVIS the comparison with Elvis Presley. It is the high production proof (PTA Milk +2085 & 144 Combined Fat + Protein) with Beta Casein A2/A2 in combination with a Productive Life (PL +5,3) and fertile daughters (DPR +2,5). And overall, ELVIS also fits on maiden heifers (SCE 5,3).

ELVIS also receives special attention to his linear traits. First of all he breeds average sized cows (Stature -0,03). Then next it is striking that for Teat length (+0,09), Elvis and also his cousins breed all longer teats than average of the population.

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Dam: DG Albero Enrica                 MGD: All Nure Supersire Eleonor   MMMMD: Savage-Leigh Louise